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Anything That Gives Off Light is a Message in a Bottle to New York

Playbill, March 15, 2019

“We brought the piece back to the people of Appalachia on tour a week ago. They uploaded us with what’s almost like a message in a bottle for New York — ‘Cool, you’re wrestling with the political conservatism of our region. …But there’s also a huge legacy of progressivism on the left in these communities. There are people who are thriving and making art—who are alive.’”



It’s rare and special to get to be in such a vibrant, exciting, and supportive artistic space.
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First Person: Sex, Politics, and Regional Control

TheaterMania, March 15, 2019

“…[R]ecently, we returned to Appalachia to give one performance for free at a three-day artistic exchange led by Amy Brooks and Hilarie Spangler of Cardinal Cross with their affiliates at Appalshop, Arts in the Gap, and a trove of local organizations.…Amy and her colleagues have worked closely with the TEAM administration to bring us not only to the community but into the community.”


Reflection: Crossing Roots with Cardinal Cross, March 10, 2019

“One of the biggest takeaways from this project, for me, was the ability to listen and recognize the nuance of regional, historical, and community-based struggles. I think that it is so easy to write off marginalized populations, but … recognizing the difference in values is the first step to finding solutions to ensure human and environmental rights for all groups.”



“Throughout the process of procuring resources for our performance, we found that the public face and practiced power of leadership in [the Appalachian] region remains the jurisdiction of white men, and yet, there are deeply invested women doing some incredibly heavy lifting. Just as — if not more — importantly than making sure they're getting credit for it, there is an opportunity here to source the logistical, financial, and energetic power to magnify these efforts. …If we're not in honest, equitable, frank conversation in which we are authentically willing to be proved wrong, we risk stealing stories and reconfiguring them until they're so laden with our own kaleidoscopic bias that we've made a violent extraction of invaluable essence, without regard for the practical and spiritual consequence.”



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